Patient Comfort

Dr. Dreelin uses a variety of measures to keep you comfortable during your dental procedures.

Novocaine (local anesthesia)

Novocain (local anesthesia) was designed for one purpose, and it serves this purpose well. It eliminates pain, but it does not eliminate the tension and anxiety associated with dental treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

Upon request, we can provide Nitrous Oxide (an inhalation sedative). It is inhaled with oxygen from a nosepiece. It gives you a relaxed, detached feeling, free of tension and anxiety. You do not go to sleep. After completion of the procedure, the effects usually go away within a few minutes.


Dr. Dreelin can also prescribe sedative “pills” to take before your appointment to help you relax. A drug like Valium works very well for dental procedures. If prescribed, it is necessary to have someone drive you to and from the office. This sedative does not take the place of Novocain, but it is used along with Novocain.


If you decide a relaxant is necessary, Dr. Dreelin will give you a prescription for your next visit to our office. If you decide at a later date you would like to be relaxed for your visit, please call our office and have a phone number of a local pharmacy available for us to call in the prescription. It is also very important to eat at least 1 hour prior to your dental appointment. If you have any further questions, please call our office.